My new book for young adults, the spiritual fable Thaddeus Squirrel.

thaddeus_squirrel_frontI recently published a new book, the spiritual fable Thaddeus Squirrel. It’s a book that was over 10 years in the making which requires a short explanation.

When my daughter was a little girl, I used to tell her fairy tales at night, some from books, but many that came from my own imagination. About that time, I started traveling a lot for work, which made it tough to tell her these stories–though I did the best I could, sometimes telling them over the phone, other times mailing her the stories to read on her own.

It struck me that I should publish one of these tales as a book. Only work, and life, continued to get in the way. Every few months, I would go back to work on the book, only to be sidetracked yet again. At one point, a year went by without me even looking at it.

The funny thing about the book though is that as I was writing it, my target group of one, my daughter, was growing older. So the story began to grow a little more elaborate with deeper thoughts on spirituality and the role of God in our lives. And by the time I completed it, the final product was no longer for children, but for teens and young adults.

You can find the book at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions–which brings me to an important announcement: In my haste to publish the book before my self-imposed deadline of 12/31/16, the first release contained several typos. The typos have now been fixed, but as of 2/20/17 I have 2 remaining copies that contain a few small errors. I’m giving them away. Be one of the first two people to contact me at with your address, and I’ll ship you a free copy.


2 responses to “My new book for young adults, the spiritual fable Thaddeus Squirrel.

  1. Loved the book, loved the message, will post my Author Interview with Tom soon on Becca’s Inspirational Book Blog (

  2. Dear Tom: Your book is very meaningful and profound in its own way. I particularly liked the conversation between Thadeus & Jonathan T. about letting the force (G0d) find us, p. 83.
    I quote: “God rests in the river we are now standing…moves with the current. And, I also liked the way in which you addressed nature.
    Ruby M.Shelton

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