A Flock of Lily White Egrets: The Most Beautiful Thing.

Today I’m taking part in the My Most Beautiful Thing Blogsplash to celebrate the release of Fiona Robyn’s new novel The Most Beautiful Thing. Bloggers from all over the world are participating; you can see other posts here

On a recent vacation, I was staying in a bustling beach town, filled to the brim with tourists. Out the front door of my rented condominium was a blacktop parking lot bordered by the busy main drag. But just outside the back door sat an amazing site: a quiet one block area of protected wetland that fronted a coastal bay.

I’ve been to this place several times before. In fact, it’s where a few years ago, I wrote the initial draft of my first novel (coming late-2012). Only this time, even though I had the best intentions, I hardly did any writing at all.

Each morning, I would make me way out to the back deck overlooking the glistening water and sea grass of the wetland. With a cup of coffee and The Prosperity Bible in hand, I’d alternate between reading a few sentences from my book and taking in the sights.

The wetlands were home to a flock of lily-white egrets. My wife, an early riser, told me that they were there each morning until 7am, when they mysteriously disappeared for about an hour. And since I was waking a little after 7 this particular week, I would park myself in a cushioned swivel chair and wait on their return.

Sure enough, each day at about 8am, the egrets would materialize one-by-one. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of one as it glided in for a landing. Other egrets seemingly appeared out of thin air. When they all had returned, I would count six of them in various sizes, from small and fragile to tall and regal.

By 9am it was time for my morning run, followed by activities like miniature golf or dodging waves with my daughter at the beach. So, as I said, I didn’t get much writing done that week. I suppose I was too distracted by—or attracted to—these beautiful and alluring egrets. But all in all, I didn’t really mind.

Sometimes you can lead life, take it by the hand and strike out in whatever direction your heart desires. But other times life prefers that you sit back, watch and listen. And then, when it’s ready,  life will lead you.


3 responses to “A Flock of Lily White Egrets: The Most Beautiful Thing.

  1. fionajuliarobyn

    what a beautiful post, Tom. thank you!

  2. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thing. I saw a painting the other day of a white egret and I really wanted it. I’ve never seen one in the wild before. No wonder you didn’t get any writing done, you weren’t supposed to.

    • Thanks, Teresa. I enjoyed your post as well. And your “ten commandments”–very cool, I’m in total agreement!

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