Finding your purpose in life.

This is a piece that started as a short story, but quickly morphed into a list, one thought flowing into the next. I write it as a reminder to myself—perhaps it will help you too.

  1. Each and every one of us has a purpose in this lifetime.
  2. Our first great task in life is to uncover it.
  3. This is not as easy as it sounds, but know that help is available to find it.
  4. How do you get this help? You ask. Who do you ask? The Universal Mind who some know by the name of God.
  5. Sometimes your purpose will immediately become clear. Other times, you’ll have to wait, watch and listen.
  6. Look for cues and signs and use your intuition to guide you.
  7. Know this: Your purpose will never be solely for your own personal gain, it will always be for the good of others.
  8. But also know that when you bring happiness to others, you can’t help but bring it to yourself.
  9. You can only achieve your purpose if there is love in your heart.
  10. Love, and belief in yourself, can move mountains and make all things possible.
  11. Sometimes your purpose is a one-shot deal and you will move from one purpose to another and another.
  12. Other times your purpose is a solitary life-long work.

To be continued.


4 responses to “Finding your purpose in life.

  1. Yes finding a meaningful purpose in life is not the easiest thing to do I´m allready looking for one since almost 4 decades 🙂

    • It is not easy, in fact I think it may be the hardest thing we do in this life. I’ve just read an interesting take on the process and will incorporate it into a future post.

  2. Love your blogging. Keep it up. But there is one thing I must comment on and that is that it is not about ‘finding’ your purpose, but rather creating it! It truly opens up every door of possibility in your life. Try it.

    • Thanks for your support, Christopher. It’s a fascinating subject and I’ll be printing a slightly different take on it next week–with more in the weeks to come!

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