Is God a being? Or being itself?

You can look for God in a lot of different places. But for many, the location of choice is skyward, pointing heads and hearts toward the heavens. There, some imagine a bearded and fatherly figure, dressed in flowing white robes, passing judgment on all people and all events. But is this image a true one?

The theologian Paul Tillich once said: God is being itself, not a being.

It’s a thought worth entertaining for a moment. If God really is “being itself”, then God exists right here, right now. God can be found in the space between your eyes and the computer screen in front of you. In the air you’re inhaling and exhaling. In the thoughts that are entering your mind at this very moment.

It’s an interesting idea, isn’t it: that God, may not be that far off after all. For some, God resides not on a throne up in the heavens, but in a place much closer to our hearts, right here on Earth.


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