Finding “The Inner Way”.

If you’re like me, you’ve tried to find guidance through traditional means including reading the Bible and attending regular church services. Only to find they just didn’t work.

The few good bits in the holy book were often clouded by ambiguous and contradictory passages. And church, when it wasn’t tied up in archaic rituals, often was only as good as the priest or reverend’s sermon that day, which too often came up wanting.

But as the years went by, I made a discovery: there was a way to find meaning and guidance in everyday life. It could happen while gazing out at the ocean on a sunny day. Or looking into the eyes of my young daughter. Or by spending a quiet early hour in a cozy chair simply looking within.

It was at these times, that all the answers I needed made themselves known, as I tapped into something greater than myself.

Soon after, I learned that my discovery wasn’t so new after all, that I had stumbled upon a secret that the earliest Christians knew about. To quote the New Testament-era Gospel of Thomas:

If those who lead you say : ‘God’s Kingdom is in heaven!’ then birds will fly there first.
If they say: ‘It’s in the sea,’ the fish will swim there first.
For God’s Kingdom dwells in your heart and all around you.

That’s what this blog is all about, finding the Kingdom of God that lives right here on this Earth and can be found within all of us. I’m calling it finding The Inner Way.


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